Who I Am and How I Got Here


My background is in engineering but I have always had a passion to create art. In my corporate life I have and use BSEE and MSCS degrees but during my entire corporate career I have spent the rest of my time creating. I began with beading, moved quickly to metal smithing, detoured to bead weaving, made a stop at Precious Metal Clay and that led me to glass. Much of the PMC work that I created was either enameled or built around glass cabachons. Because I owned a kiln for the PMC I was able to start creating my own cabachons and learning about glass. I am entirely self-taught. I read everything I can find and apply my physics knowledge to push the boundaries of typical fused glass work and see what can become.

Photos and Glass

Recently I have been able to merge my lifelong fascination with photography into my glass artwork. I began "painting with frit" based on known techniques in order to expand my horizons. Once I had mastered the tecnniques I was able to develop my own style and just loved the results. I began to create landscapes from my imagination. As I continued to work on landscapes I realized that I had an amazing library of photos that I have taken to work from and now spend much of my time creating glass landscapes based on those photos.

Origin of Aurora Series

In 2012 I had a stack of inventory boxes fall over at a show as I was tearing down. I learned a good lesson in packing glass, but I also refused to give up the scrap glass that came from shattering 20% of my stock. Thus, the Aurora series was born. I've developed my own high temperature technique to get just the sort of swirls and bubbles that thrill me most out of those scraps of glass. That stock of scrap glass is long gone, so I use the scraps from my experiments and from creating my garden and landscape pieces.

Artist Statement

Color is my passion.

Working with color is my meditation. Creating beautiful objects full of color allows me to share myself with the world. Over the last 20 years my artistic endeavors have led me from fabrics to beads to metals to glass. In each new medium I try to merge my previous art with my new medium working towards results that are both unique and beautiful. I love the challenge of expanding my realm by experimenting with new techniques and materials. Glass is my current obsession, the directions and possibilities seem endless and the colors are amazing. In the end it always comes back to the colors, because color is my passion

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